Global Irish Financial Services

There are thousands of returning Irish and global expatriates moving to and from Ireland every year, yet there are very few specialist financial advisory firms to serve them.

Moving to a new country is exciting. But there’s often lots to organize – including your finances.

At Heritage Wealth, we have personal experience working for multi-national investment firms abroad (HSBC Private Banking – Legal, Tax & Investment Advisory) , as well as advising expatriate clients globally.

On a weekly basis we are asked to help and advise clients moving to Ireland with their financial requirements. For many, it is a simple investment or pension query, for others it can involve more detailed advice in respect of cross-border taxation, legal and accounting implications.

And that’s why we have launched our bespoke service – Global Irish Financial Services.

In all cases, it is important to begin your research well before you become resident in another country. For example, the types and rates of tax vary from country to country. You will need to understand your tax obligations prior to making any important financial decisions. You may also need to consider education fees, bank accounts, foreign exchange transactions and potentially a mortgage to buy your new home.

At Heritage Wealth, we offer our customers a highly-tailored service, and along with our partners in the tax, accounting and legal sectors, we can help to ensure that any financial decisions you make when moving to Ireland are tax efficient, structured properly and in your best interests.

We regularly meet the Global Irish & Expatriate Community in Ireland, the UK and via skype calls, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to arrange an initial discussion.

Heritage Wealth Management Limited, trading as Heritage Wealth, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (Ref: C141864).



Important Considerations:

  • Tax Planning  – Multi-Jurisdictional
  • Educational Funding
  • Multi-Currency FX Transactions
  • Retirement & Pension Planning
  • Bank Accounts & Banking Requirements
  • Tax Returns & Legal Considerations

This service is ideal for:

  • Returning Irish
  • Expatriates moving to Ireland